The Hall

The Hall, also known as "The Hut", has enough room to cater for over 20 with tables and chairs, as well as some soft seating.
The Hall is often used for catering, training, and rainy day activities for beaver and cub scouts.
There are a number of tables, with more under the bunks in the Lodge.
As with the Lodge, mains lighting is available when the generator is running and battery lighting when not.


*Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there will be a full set. We suggest at the very least you bring your own washing up liquid, cloths/sponges, vegetable peeler, can opener and long matches.
All sinks have hot and cold running water. Hot water is supplied by an electric boiler.
(note: the generator must be on for the electric appliances to run.)

Electricity is supplied by a diesel generator that runs for a couple of hours in the morning for breakfast and during evening hours. This is included in the listed prices. Please contact us if you will need the generator on throughout the day.
Gas for the oven and hobs is supplied but billed separately.

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