17th site We have a number of managed sites, each with their own qualities. Some are open and have plenty of space, while others are more sheltered. much of the site is quite wild which makes for great wide games.

Most sites have a campfire area but we generally aren't too strict on where small fires are made as long as they are small, supervised and tidied up properly after use.

There is plenty of wood on the ground, as well as areas with a lot of thin, dead standing trees. Care should be taken in these areas but it can be good sawing practise for scouts. We sometimes have piles of wood available to use. Please check with a member of site staff before using these piles if they are on a site.

bottom field At the southern end of the site we have 2 playing fields. These are available for everyone to use. In some cases you may be able to book one of them for a large camp.

Our toilet block has ladies, mens, and boys sections with hot and cold running water as well as battery powered lighting when the generator is off. Users should always carry a torch in the evening for safe navigation and in case the lighting batteries run low.

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